Class HeadMethodWebRequest

  extended bycom.meterware.httpunit.WebRequest
      extended bycom.meterware.httpunit.HeaderOnlyWebRequest
          extended bycom.meterware.httpunit.HeadMethodWebRequest

public class HeadMethodWebRequest
extends HeaderOnlyWebRequest

A web request using the HEAD method. This request is used to obtain header information for a resource without necessarily waiting for the data to be computed or transmitted.

Russell Gold

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
HeadMethodWebRequest(java.lang.String urlString)
          Creates a new head request from a complete URL string.
HeadMethodWebRequest( urlBase, java.lang.String urlString)
          Creates a new head request using a relative URL and base.
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Constructor Detail


public HeadMethodWebRequest(java.lang.String urlString)
Creates a new head request from a complete URL string.

urlString - the URL desired, including the protocol.


public HeadMethodWebRequest( urlBase,
                            java.lang.String urlString)
Creates a new head request using a relative URL and base.

urlBase - the base URL.
urlString - the relative URL

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