Package com.meterware.httpunit.cookies

Classes to support cookie handling.


Interface Summary
CookieListener An interface for classes which can listen for cookies being rejected and the reason.
CookieSource This interface represents a source from which to parse out cookies.

Class Summary
Cookie An HTTP client-side cookie.
CookieJar A collection of HTTP cookies, which can interact with cookie and set-cookie header values.
CookieProperties Controls behavior for cookies.

Package com.meterware.httpunit.cookies Description

Classes to support cookie handling. Supports the HTTP state mechanism. The central class of this package is the CookieJar, which acts as a repository of Cookie objects. There are two main ways to get cookies into the CookieJar. The first is to construct the CookieJar, passing a CookieSource to its constructor. This will cause the CookieJar to parse the Set-Cookie headers from the source object. The second is to copy them from another CookieJar through use of the updateCookies(CookieJar) method.

The CookieJar can also produce a Cookie header to be sent as part of a request. The CookieJar.getCookieHeaderField( method will select any cookies that it has which can be sent to the specified URL and assemble them into an appropriate header.

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